Space on Demand is the answers to your need for fast and reliable on-site shared storage servers. With full compatibility with all Windows, OS X and Linux operating system. Our Micro-DDP is not only extremely compact, its SSD disks and 10GbE connections make it the most performant shared storage of that kind on the market today.

Beside for Post Production and live-events, it will also prove invaluable at on set recordings of feature films, allowing immediate rough editing – and custom recordings – of new sequences.

The system is equally designed to offer a safe and high speed connection between separate audio suites, currently limited by a slow network environment. It certainly puts an end to switching hard disks from one system to another.

The people behind SOD

Pascal Collard

Pascal has been a video-industry professional for many years. His main interest is technical developments with a positive impact on the day-to-day video file-based production workflow. He’s been Head of the video dept. at Amptec for the last 7 years, Amptec being the Belgian importer and distributor of Dynamic Drive Pool servers.

His benefiting from a direct professional connection to Ardis Technologies – the actual makers of DDP – gives him a leading edge in this field.

Jo Goossens

Jo is one of the founding fathers of professional post production facilities in Flanders. He started his own video studio in 1989, at the beginning of the new commercial TV-broadcaster VTM. Since its start-up in 1995, he’s the owner and managing director of EXIT399 – video and audio post production studio. It has since become a benchmark in the audiovisual industry.

Jo Goossens has never been an ‘early adopter’ of trends, not until they prove solid and sustainable. When running multiple editing suites (AVID) and audio studio’s (Fairlight & ProTools) meeting deadlines every day, you need a solid-proof workflow.

That has proved to be the case with DDP, of which he’s become a keen user – and promoter.